Saturday, 29 October 2011

Sketch Book this week

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Trying to get my head in gear for the new project at college. We have been asked to a respond to a building that has a lot of history with it. It's currently a family home but has been many other things and as a concequence has lots and lots of stories surrounding it. This is the first project I have done as a student for 18 years. It's pretty over whelming. I have had a zillion ideas some wayout there and others pretty pedestrian. from an instillation where the spectator had to be bound and gagged while watching images and being bombarded with noise to a simple rug.
I thought at first I may do this in Asian style felt ( can never remember the name of the technique) but then thought it may be best done n an already existing textile. I want it to be a bit less obvious when finished this the starting point if I decide it's worth it. Next week will be the start of test peices.

 Anyway I have eventually decided to work on the transient nature of home. The icons and relics we carry with us, the trappings of 'home', the comforts etc. Nice wide theme to explore.
 I have an idea for a structure surrounded by layers of 'wallpaper' memories, stories, glimpses of home, etc inspired fabric.

Textural pieces of felt inspired by the textures found in and around the house.around the sides forming the 'walls' of our memories. When we think of things we often pinpoint images. 
I'm going to explore this a bit more to see how it will work out. i will be deffinately using felt maiking techniques but also some mixed media and print making.                           
Great textured wall paper

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