Saturday, 29 October 2011

Devore Screen Printing on Fabric

Learned how to Scean print Devore the other day a technique using nasty chemicles it was fun. I thought it could be a good technique use with my structure. Credit where credit is due. The workshop was held by Kay at Harrogate College Fashion Dept.
photo sensative liquid is painted on the screen then printed images are laid over them before being exposed to the light

where the light is blockedout the image remains, the liquid is them washed off

Fabric, poly cotton, Azita and velvet are layed on the table ready to be screen printed with the devore mix.
All the fabrics came from Waleys in Bradford the devore paste eats the cellulose fibres but not the protien.

making sure all the fabric is taped down flat

The screen butted up to the resist on the edge of the printing table

explaining that the opposite person must keep a hold of the frame against the resist

flooding the screen

4 times excluding the flooding of the screen

even pressure the whole time 

moving the screen to the next fabric very carefully

paste left on azita

Polly Cotton


Wash your Screen carefully

Printed fabric

Where the printfluid has dried on the screen and hasn't been able to go through

hanging up to dry
Iron fabric, reverse side for velvet untill it goes brown NOT
Black....Emma, Doh!

Rinse out

Finished devore

Discharge Screen Printing

Discharge printed through silk screen

fabric layed out ready for printing 

discharge and gold powders mixed

Gold discharge paste

black textile printing ink

printed fabrics

Ironin discharge paste makes the colour leave the discharge fabric

after fabric has been irond discharge and discharged dye paste

Sketch Book this week

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Trying to get my head in gear for the new project at college. We have been asked to a respond to a building that has a lot of history with it. It's currently a family home but has been many other things and as a concequence has lots and lots of stories surrounding it. This is the first project I have done as a student for 18 years. It's pretty over whelming. I have had a zillion ideas some wayout there and others pretty pedestrian. from an instillation where the spectator had to be bound and gagged while watching images and being bombarded with noise to a simple rug.
I thought at first I may do this in Asian style felt ( can never remember the name of the technique) but then thought it may be best done n an already existing textile. I want it to be a bit less obvious when finished this the starting point if I decide it's worth it. Next week will be the start of test peices.

 Anyway I have eventually decided to work on the transient nature of home. The icons and relics we carry with us, the trappings of 'home', the comforts etc. Nice wide theme to explore.
 I have an idea for a structure surrounded by layers of 'wallpaper' memories, stories, glimpses of home, etc inspired fabric.

Textural pieces of felt inspired by the textures found in and around the house.around the sides forming the 'walls' of our memories. When we think of things we often pinpoint images. 
I'm going to explore this a bit more to see how it will work out. i will be deffinately using felt maiking techniques but also some mixed media and print making.                           
Great textured wall paper

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Story Book Mural for the Kindergarten Corridor at St Winifrieds School, Wibsey, Bradford

Horton hears a Who, The Gruffalo, Jolly Pocket Postman, Q Pootle 5,
Three Baby Owls, Harry's Bucket full of Dinosaurs
I was asked to do a storybook mural for the kindergarten corridor.  The idea being that it will encourage the children to read. So I decided to use characters from well know books and not so well used phrases. This I hope will encourage them to go and investigate the books for themselves.

Winnie Witch, We're going on a bear hunt, Percy the Park Keeper, The Snowman, The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Story Book Detail

There was a lot of wall and only two and half days to do it so I used the words to link the characters.

Story Book Detail

I wanted to convey the idea that books bring characters to life, so I used the idea of them stepping out from between the pages of the book to illustrate this.

We're going on a Bear Hunt

Percy the Park Keeper and The Troll flying over
the moon from the Three Billy Goats Gruff

Posted by PicasaI hope they enjoy it as much as I did painting it.
I used Dayler and Rowney Acrylics over the contractors Eggshell Emulsion.
Workshop at wilderness
Summer has been manic! After going to craft camp we stayed down south for while and then went off to Wilderness in Oxfordshire to be part of the Greencrafts crew. I did lots and lots of workhops there and had a great time and met some lovely people too. Here's some of the things they made.........

Joint project

Funny little man

soap and flower
Em also writes a lovely blog

Needle felted man to Oz

Butterfly Girls

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