Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Comfort of Home Coat

Started to make a coat for the transient nature of home installation and found I had not dyed enough wool so spent time dyeing another load in appropriate colours. I hope to at least get it laid out this Thursday.......

The colour palate of the house

This was the finished colour results I am so looking forward to making this thing I can't wait to get on with it!

But as usual stuff got in the way!

compost dyeing for 'Transient Home' Installation

state of the desk this week
This week has been mainly spent slaving over a hot computer untill eventually i couldn't take anymore and had to throw some paint around. it was fun and created a nice substrate for some screen printing. this is what I have been working on in photoshop to convert images in to things that can be transfered to a screen and images i want to use for printing on to silk to nuno on to felt

image taken from tile
image taken from bottle of wine 
The cloth after being wrapped and left in a warm place for 3 weeks

prefelt unwrapped before the leaves have been removed

I wraped this round tin cans you can see the lines that the can has left on the felt. It will be interesting to see how it comes out after being felted.

I took some leaves from the clients garden to Dye the fabric for my installation and wrapped them about 3 weeks ago and this is the result. i am really pleased with them and have wrapped another 4m of cloth. I took loads of photos as I unwrapped it as the leaves are still so beautiful. I have pressed most of them and intend to use them in future work.

As we unwrapped the piece.

these make great images in them selves, no doubt I will be using these in a college too......

Friday, 18 November 2011

Scotland - adventures in Dyeing with Lichen

 We went up to stay in Scotland, to stay with friends. The journey was beautiful lots of mist. I love it when things emerge from gloom. The mountains were spectacular loved the lines in this shot with the turbine and the lines where the trees have been removed, not so much the pylon. We stayed near Aviemore and while we were there struggling with the beast to make the cottage warm we thought we'd play with the local lichen and see what happend.............
the kitchen in the cottage and 'the beast'

Down the hill from the cottage towards the osprey nest
same photo two minues later!

Great colours

We went to collect lots of lichen

All the lichen in the pan threw in the pan we had no
ammonia at the tme but thought it was worth a go anyway

Simmered it for an hour or two threw  bit of pre flet in and some muslin
Unfortunately we didn't identify this mushroom before we did  this but knew it wasn't anything deadly
We did a bit of shibori tying and threw some prefelt and a bit of
cotton muslin in and then simmered for a couple of hours

Bracket fungus - just not worth the bother!
 But you never know until you try!

The results! Mushroom and milk mordant shibori prefelt

onion skin shiboried wth copper penny resits and vinegar
simmered for about 2 hours

Cherry leaf and onion skin not really worked 

Bracket fungus - no

Bull dog clips randomly done vinegar and onion skins

Shibori Mushroom with bull dog clips  - think it had a bit of amonia in there too

Lichen sewn in a circle to for ma little bag soaked in amonia solution then steamed over onion skins

Onion skins bull dog clips and vinegar simmered with the lichen above