Monday, 29 September 2014

I have mistakenly deleted a kind remark from may aboout exhibition at farsley!! Argh!

If it is you who left the comment and you would like to let me know what you said that would be great. my hand slipped and hit delete and there is no way to get it back. So if it was you sorry! Please get in touch again. x

New website!

Woop woop I now have a new web site!
I have had a very full and very lovely summer full of fesitvals and commissions
here is some of my more recent work.

 Portrait of a Dalmatian dog, it's one of my most favourite makes

This is 'Anna' commissioned for a special birthday. Great fun to make, something differant. I'm looking forward to doing more of this ilk in the future.

a pair of sleepy owls who went to live in Sweden

I made some fleece rugs with my friend Sarah

I've been on lovely walks with my Donkey called Jack

A commissioned hare 

My friend Abbey who crewed for me at Wilderness festival and my apprentice crew members Maisie and Isla, not forgetting Badger Ben (disguised as a fox!)

We had a surprise arrival at mid summer with Ginny the Donkey going unexpectedly  in to labour.
In spite of the best veterinary care she unexpectedly died, just after she gave birth to 'Little Ginny'. With the support of the national foaling bank and the donkey sanctuary and the help of family and friends she is now 14 weeks old and doing fine.
She is gorgeous and a massive time waster!

More birds

Glastonbury all sunny and lovely in the Green Craft field
Superb week with a trusty and fabulous crew

Next Needle felting classes are this weekend Goblins and fairies 4th and 5th October. Needle felting fairies and goblins- Sculpting figures using a wire armature base. Learn sculpting and blending techniques how to do faces hands and feet. Make your felt come alive £90 for the weekend. Lunch, tea, coffee and cake included. 
Check out the link for details and to book a place!
or Just call the lovely Jane on
 0113 256 3239
Em FountainEm FountainEm Fountain

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned it has been 70, 000 years since my last blog post....
So here goes
I have decided to give up my grown up boring job and become a full time creative philanderer. To this end I will be running a series of workshops at Sunny Bank Mills, The Dales Countryside Museum, Hawes and the The Bivouac near masham just to start with. There will be others to follow which I WILL post!
I will be exhibiting at Wensleydale Galleries Only Girls Allowed from the 6th to the 29th March 2014, lovely to be asked to do this, i was very thrilled! Leyburn is always worth a visit. Then on to 5th April to the 5th May 2014 at Sunny Bank Mills , This is a wonderful old mill in Farsley near Leeds, a beautiful building and serves great coffee.  More details will follow on both events as well as links to other exhibitors. Over Easter weekend I will be showing some of my work in Grewelthorpe village hall along side various other artists, including Papercuttergirl aka Clare Lindley again more details to follow.
Having drawn breath a couple of times I have also managed to sure up a couple of festivals this week, Wilderness Festival a beautiful boutique festival in Oxfordshire which I have been part of since it started and Bearded Theory which won small fesival of the year last year for being small friendly and lots of fun.
There are various other things in the ether I'll post when I know more.
So as you can see I may be philandering and flighty but I am getting my act together!

See you soon if not before x