Saturday, 29 October 2011

Devore Screen Printing on Fabric

Learned how to Scean print Devore the other day a technique using nasty chemicles it was fun. I thought it could be a good technique use with my structure. Credit where credit is due. The workshop was held by Kay at Harrogate College Fashion Dept.
photo sensative liquid is painted on the screen then printed images are laid over them before being exposed to the light

where the light is blockedout the image remains, the liquid is them washed off

Fabric, poly cotton, Azita and velvet are layed on the table ready to be screen printed with the devore mix.
All the fabrics came from Waleys in Bradford the devore paste eats the cellulose fibres but not the protien.

making sure all the fabric is taped down flat

The screen butted up to the resist on the edge of the printing table

explaining that the opposite person must keep a hold of the frame against the resist

flooding the screen

4 times excluding the flooding of the screen

even pressure the whole time 

moving the screen to the next fabric very carefully

paste left on azita

Polly Cotton


Wash your Screen carefully

Printed fabric

Where the printfluid has dried on the screen and hasn't been able to go through

hanging up to dry
Iron fabric, reverse side for velvet untill it goes brown NOT
Black....Emma, Doh!

Rinse out

Finished devore

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