Friday, 19 October 2012

Foxes, Hares and Sheep heads

Needle Felted Fox by Emma Fountain

Here's the  latest creation, I have been doing hares, badgers and other creatures too, but this is just a taster to whet the appetite until I've got them mounted. My friend Keith is making the backing mounts out of local Ash and I am swapping them for a Hare's head!
Warming to my theme I thought about finding the Tup in the kitchen in the summer and decided I would like his head on the wall....
Dalesbread Tup
Even though he looks a bit like Ermintrude from magic round-a-bout with nettles in his mouth he is quite large (about eh size of a Shetland pony) and gave me and my cousin Hat a bit of a shock when we came down stairs to find him panting by the pantry (ha ha) although I'm fairly sure he just wanted to get away from the heat and the flies, we still skirted round the edge of the room to usher him out! I'll forgive him as he is quite hansom devil. I'm looking forward to seeing how he turns out.

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