Tuesday 13 March 2012

Woolsack Olympic Project at Sedgefield Community College

Today I met with the kids from Sedgefield Community College who are making a cushion as part of the Woolsack, Olympic project. The idea being that all athletes will get a welcome gift of a cushion made by someone in the UK that is involved with this project. A local farmer called David and Racheal from the National Farmers Union gave them a talk on how fabulous sheep are and then Thelma Russell and I helped them make a felt square each with a small motif in the middle. The squares were felted from three layers of British Wool using Black Hebridien and Blue Face Leicester in white and oatmeal with a motif cut out of prefelt laid on top. The finished squares will be sewn together nine to a side to form two sides of the cushion.
I am now resting in darkend room weeping.......NOT! They all worked really well and it was a happy day full of fun, what a great group of kids!
I approached our Local school when I got home to see if they would like to take part. They said that they'd would, so i could be posting some more in the near future.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Em, I really enjoyed the morning.
    Thelma xx