Thursday, 5 January 2012

Free Embroidery, The Dog and The Fish

 I spent Yesterday teaching my self how to free embroider on my ancient machine. I am very pleased this is the frst time I have used a sewing machine and not had to get my 12 year old boy to come and help me!
Anyway I have been developing some more ideas more by doing some free embroidery based round this design using solvy, I am going to felt this on to see how it goes.
Their dog, I like the idea of felt as the protector and the dog who is too, the piece when finished as a carpet or blanket will do the same

Gulping Fish using all sorts of found stuff silk and ink
A close up of a mixed media idea for the fish in the garden of the house we have been asked to do an artistic response to. Apparently no one knew there was even a pond in the garden when they first bought the house as it was so over grown. As they cleared away a load of trees and rubble this pond appeared covered in oil and rubbish. As they were clearing it this white fish rose to the surface to gulp air. It's now fully recovered and is actually a Tench, which are sort of a gold colour. Poor thing. It's about a18inches long and no one knows how it even got there as it's in the middle of town!
Anyway lots of ideas for all sorts of things have come from this story. More from the sketch book when it gets back.
I Went in to college to give my work in (My sketch book has now gone away for a week or too so I will mainly be doing my dissertation and posting things I should have posted before!) and discovered that my compost dyeing is going well. I will post the results next week. I have a load of eucalyptus leaves donated by my lovely cousin from Chichester to do yet more dying this time, hot bundles.

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