Sunday, 18 September 2011

Latitude and Craft Camp

Went off to Latitude Festival curtesey of Angel Gardens had a super time and did no work at all! Hoorah! Sam provides a lovely space for Children at various festivals throughout the summer. I have been part of it sometimes but this time we went as guests and hung around, danced to bands, talked scribble with the crew, ate food and generally had a fabulous time until the rain got better of us and we went home! We all had a great time and felt relaxed and happy after our little trip to the wilds of Suffolk. even thought eh Sat Nav managed to send us 60 miles out of our way on the way there, oh deep joy...moving on!
 After only a couple of days back I set off to make baskets, at Pyrites Craft Camp in Gloustershire, but ended up spending the week making a funky leather skelt (probably a made up word) but as you can see from the pics it's a cross between a belt and a skirt!
The Camp works on a first come first served basis at tutor selection time and by the time I got to the tutor after sorting out that my som had the workshop her wanted the class was full. So after chuntering a bucket full  I swiftly got over it and decided to go with Jeanie leather worker extraodinaire. Master of hippy flaps and dangley things, she was just the teacher I needed!

The Making of the Skelt
I made the pattern my self basically by holding paper against my body and drawing on it.
Deciding on contrasting leather I think it was chrome tanned - my memory is a bit rubbish (should have written it down)
I had a Fabulous time and a great laugh. Met some fab people who made some great stuff see for your self..
View from the tent towards Nailsworth
View from the Tent towards Nailsworth
Jeanies Leather Class's Wrok
Kids Nature Weaves

Wood instraments

Green wood work ladles, bowls and spoons

Slubed Glass Bowls

Baskets and other willow stuff
Greenwood chairs

Burned wood bowls and other Green wood stuff

Stone work

More Leather

Woven hangngs made with bent hazel frames

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