Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bohemian Flower and Lattice Scarf Workshop

I Had a wonderful day yesterday teaching a flower and scarf making workshop.
We used 100's merino wool and silk mix from world of wool.
I spent the day before dyeing lots of silk chiffon and the merino/silk mix and got a bit carried away! (photos to follow). Dyeing is fun and very distracting it's easy to loose an hour or two. Anyway back to the workshop...we used the mix because this makes really beautiful flowers and scarves that are strong and light and comfortable to wear in the summer.
I knew three of the students as they have been on other workshops I have run, some were from The Real Craft Centre and two are in the same region of the IFA as me although I had never met them before,
anyway we had a good giggle! Everyone made lots of lovely flowers and scarves, it was a super day!

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